In the industrial context, punching represents a true revolution, allowing the processing of metals without the use of heat. Let’s discover together how this technique is gaining ground in the industry and how Jurado Tools positions itself as a leader in offering advanced technologies for cold welding.

What do we mean by Punching?

Definition: punching is a process that uses a punch to create a hole in metallic materials, eliminating the use of heat and ensuring high-precision processing.

Operation: by penetrating the material with the punch, the process forms a detailed and clean hole, which is essential in numerous industrial applications.

The Benefits of Punching:

Precision: Punching ensures unparalleled precision, essential for achieving superior quality joints.

Versatility of application: its applicability in various sectors such as machinery construction and the electronics industry ensures optimal and customized results.

Energy efficiency: the absence of heat makes punching an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice, reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

Punching according to Jurado Tools:

Cutting-Edge Technology: Jurado Tools stands out in the market by offering state-of-the-art punching equipment, ensuring superior performance and quality results.

Wide product range: the extensive selection of equipment is designed to meet a wide range of industrial needs, providing tailor-made solutions for every customer.

Training and support: our team of experts is always available to provide detailed training and continuous support, ensuring maximum efficiency in your punching operations and unparalleled customer service.


Punching has quickly become an indispensable technology in the world of cold metalworking. It offers precise, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solutions, adapting to a wide range of industrial applications.

Jurado Tools leads the way in providing advanced equipment, supported by high-level customer service.

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