Agreement between  Jurado Clinching Tools and University of Aquila

La Jurado has established  collaboration with the University if Aquila, Department of Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics (DIIIE) named “Theoretical studies and development of experimental methods for the analysis and improvement of the joining process by means of clinching”   

This new partnership and research is related to the improvement and perfection of the clincing process. Jurado will set up scholarships for the university, visits and internships for students at its facility.

The University of Aquila by Prof. Antoniomaria Di Ilio, professor of Mechanical Technology and Management of the Technological Processes, will spread the knowledge of this technology by taking advantage of the use of Jurado tools for research at the University through the assignment of the thesis.

For further information we invite you to read the articles written by prof. Di Ilio in collaboration with prof. Lambiase, published in scientific journals: