The Condor 2A is an evolution of our previous stitch folding clamp Condor. It is a machine that acts through perforation: cuts the sheet metal on three sides thereby creating a strip which is folded on the below metal plate. Compared to the previous version, the Condor 2A has been designed with a special shape that allows it to be easily used in production of the air filters for the air handlers, indeed the staggered head relative to the body of the clamp consents it to enter between the pockets of the filter, moreover the radius of the connection on the front edge permits easy insertion into the structures to assembly. The Condor 2A still keeps the same features of the previous version resulting in a light, handy, silent and extremely easy to use machine. It is therefore a good alternative to spot welding and riveting and is particularly recommended for the union of extremely thin sheet metals. The application sectors of the Condor 2A are productions of the metal plates in field of: air filters, refrigeration, household appliances and thanks to its versatility can be used in all the cases where there is a need to join thin metal sheets.

The machine is supplied with, clamp, high pressure hydraulic hose, multiplier of air pressure – Booster