Project Description


Booster or multiplier of air pressure Our pressure multiplier is made up of a hydro-cylinder which by using compressed air (installed in each unit) increases the pressure of the oil in the same site by a factor of 60 (e.g. for 1 bar of pressurized air you can achieve 60 bars of oil, so for a standard pressure of just 6 bar you can obtain 360 bar of compressed oil). Jurado Tools has designed the system is for an optimum power supply for the clamps and therefore for the joining of metal plates. The amount of force and power used in the clamps can be adjusted on the booster. How this is done is described in the instructions for use which are supplied with every purchased cold welding machine. Our multiplier can be customized for each customer according to their needs, in regard to both the power and the volume of oil that is compressed. Our multipliers replace the old hydraulic power packs which has important economical and enviromental advantages. Not only are they safer and easier to use, but also lighter.