Agreement between  Jurado Clinching Tools and University of Aquila La Jurado has established  collaboration with the University if Aquila, Department of Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics (DIIIE) named "Theoretical studies and development of experimental methods for the analysis and improvement of the joining process by means of clinching"    This new [...]

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Special applications

Mouse E-300 to clinch the tubes Our machines are designed to allow the realization of clinching points in a wide range of the industrial applications as for example the clinching of tubular profiles on sheet metals. For this application we have in fact studied the machine Mouse E-300. [...]

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Pirana applications

Pirana application with a staggered interface Both of our machines Pirana and Mangusta can be provided with the STAGGERED INTERFACE in order to allow a comfortable entrance of the machine in the sheet metal profiles otherwise inaccessible. Please find below the application of Pirana with a staggered interface, representing innumerable situations in [...]

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Mangusta Applications

Mangusta application with 90° interface Both of our machines can be provided with 90° INTERFACE in order to allow the comfortable entrance of the machine in the sheet metal profiles otherwise inaccessible. Please find below the application of Mangusta with 90°interface, representing innumerable situations in which this solution can be used. [...]

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Python LA Applications

Phyton LA application on air duct On Jurado catalogue there are machines like the Cobra and the Python LA that allow to realize a clinching point beyond an  obstacle or a bended border. It is the case, for example, of the Python LA utilized for the clinching of the flanges on the [...]

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Python Applications

Python application on sheet metal with 10 mm border The Python, that is characterized by being a machine extremely reliable and powerful, can be equiped with different Tool Kits that allow to realize the clinching point more suitable for every need. In this case we show you the case where the Python [...]

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Applications Mouse X-22

C-profiles and rectangular frames applications In this application the Mouse X-22 is utilized to make the point in a corner formed by two small dimension C-profiles. The Mouse X-22 allows to realize the point in a corner of about 19mm x 16mm both with round point and trapezoidal point.   [...]

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Blind rivets Threaded inserts Self-clinching fasteners Welding studs Fasteners for plastic Wire inserts  

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Cold welding machine

Cold welding machines for metal and hybrid materials Junction. Jurado is an Italian company specialised in cold welding machines manufacture. Jurado delivers cold welding solutions worldwide, including a two-year warranty and full assistance. The company boasts unique products that received national and international patents for the innovative technology and high-performing design. Jurado is [...]

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